setup php environment essential training




Welcome to the beginners tutorials of the most using Server - Side Scripting Language called PHP. This lesson will gonna teach you how to setup php environment essential training. PHP is a trending scripting language in the Web world. As a web developer, Android Developer, SEO, even digital marketing person also must know at least the basics of the PHP. The expert level will gives you more benefits in your domain to get an extra ordinary results. So here we begin the Series to setup php environment essential training for the beginners which covers all the basic needs you wants to know about the PHP Server Side Scripting language.
First you need two requirements to code your first PHP Script. This is an Open Source language, so we can find many resources to learn in depth about PHP. The is the official website url for all the functions and methods of PHP. It'll gives the basic idea about the capability of the PHP. Unlike javascript language the PHP is runs in the server machine, where the JS is runs in the clients browser machine. So the PHP is secure than the JS language and more dynamic. Let's get started to build our developing environment for coding.
First we need a server machine to execute the PHP code. We can't afford a server machine for this so far. Here we instead using a server software called XAMPP which is collection of Apache Web Server, MySQL, PHP. The Xampp is a freeware, you can get it from here.(Download Link). We can use some other software like MAMPP and LAMP based on the operating system you use. Here we using Windows XAMPP, because it is more familiar for me. You can even try another options too.
setup php environment essential training
Click on the download link for XAMPP.
After complete the XAMPP server, double click the .exe file and follow the installation instructions. If you have stuck with installation anyhow just follow the guide provides in the download link itself.

Setup php environment essential training

setup php environment essential training
setup php environment essential training
setup php environment essential training
setup php environment essential training
setup php environment essential training
After complete the installation go to Start -> Xampp Control Panel to open the xampp control panel.
If the installation is successfully complete, then you will have the Apache Web Server, PHP and MYSQL on your System which are all the main tools we need to develop the PHP scripts in the xampp folder under the C Drive.

Setup PHP Environment Essential Training - Things you should know about PHP

  • Server side, Scripting Language
  • Designed for use with HTML
  • Provides more flexibility than HTML alone
  • Syntax is similar to C, Java, Perl
We've to check whether the server is connected or not with our client browser. For that I've execute a small PHP code to check it. Go to your C:/xampp/htdocs and here create a new Directory called Exercises(You can name it whatever, but we need to create a folder here store our codes).
Open any of your favorite text editor like notepad, notepad++, brackets, sublime text or anything you have feels comfortable. Make a new file on that and just type the following code. As we said earlier PHP is designed for use with HTML, so we use the PHP inside of the HTML tags.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
Complete the above code save it as Lesson1.php. After that open any of your browser like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. and type in the address bar the following
localhost/Exercises/Lesson1.php, and hit Enter. The result will be like this.
setup php environment php essential training
Complete options and versions of the currently installed XAMPP and PHP
In this lesson you'll learn how to install and execute a PHP program. Next we will jump in to the programming techniques. Hope you learn a lot.
Download the source Code of Setup php Environment PHP Essential Training from here.

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