Sending Email GMAIL SMTP PHP Beyond Basics

Sending Email GMAIL SMTP PHP Beyond Basics


Sending Email GMAIL SMTP PHP Beyond Basics

In this lesson Sending Email GMAIL SMTP PHP Beyond Basics we are gonna learn how to send email to the receiver via GMAIL SMTP. Here we use the phpmailer class and some more functions to sent the mail to the receiver.
This concept will be more useful for our next lesson Recover the forgot password. Lets jump into the real time example and see what the emails can do in the real time.
Sending email in PHP can be done with various mail transfer libraries available. For example, PHPMailer, PEAR::Mail interface. These libraries provide advanced features like SMTP authentication and more.
In this lesson, lets use PHPMailer class for sending emails by using Gmail SMTP server. This library is popular because of its advanced features. Some of those features are,
Allows both plaintext and HTML content as email body.
Allows array of email addresses for to|cc|bcc|reply-to.
It provides Secure/MIME encryption.
It supports various encoding techniques binary, base64 and etc.
It has multiple language support (Engligh by default).
It provides email validation, SMTP authentication, word wrapping and more.
Sending Email GMAIL SMTP PHP Beyond Basics – PHP Script for Sending Email using Gmail SMTP
Sending email using GMAIL SMTP server we don’t need the entire PHPMailer library which is provided by the GMAIL. We only need the class.phpmailer.php and class.smtp.php of the library.
As our website increases in traffic, you will probably switch off shared hosting and scale out to use multiple web servers to handle the load. If you keep the servers that generate web pages separate from the servers that send emails, you’ll be able to scale them independently. It’s easier to manage your infrastructure when functions like these are de-coupled from each other.
To use SMTP in your PHP code, we recommend using PHPMailer. This third-party library provides the settings and functions you need to send email using a variety of methods, including SMTP. You can find an SMTP example in the test_smtp_basic.php file in the examples folder of the library.

First, place the two necessary files on your server:
Then, include the library and instantiate a PHPMailer object:

Next, set up the object to use SMTP and configure it to point to the proper server; I’m using Postmark in this example:

Finally, set the properties for the particular email you want to send:

Once everything is set up the way you want it, you call the object’s Send method. If the Send method returns true, then everything worked. If it returns false, then there was a problem.
We hope this lesson will teaches you what are the basic functionalities of the SMTP mail server configuration options.

Download the source code for Sending Email GMAIL SMTP PHP Beyond Basics Viewing Directories.

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