Create Page Loader Animation Using CSS3

Create Page Loader Animation Using CSS3


Create Page Loader Animation Using CSS3

In this Create Page Loader Animation Using CSS3 we are gonna learn how to make a page loader for our web page using CSS3. Nowadays in the web world the dynamic content are more familiar than the boring static pages. These dynamic pages are generated in a particular time interval depends on the content we provide to the clients.
In that time interval we have to keep our users more interactive with out any boring slow loading page shows. So today’s web technology provides lots of way to make them more connected and create best designs. Here we use the CSS3 for create a simple Page loader design for our page.
In this design you may customize the concept and the colors as per your taste or for your website layout colors. To Create Page Loader Animation Using CSS3 we need to use the keyframes concept which is one of the advanced option available in the styling language.
Style 1: Create simple rolling animation
In the following css code gives a google logo color spinner which looks more cool and takes less time load.

In the above css snippet we are creating class named loader and it has some properties and its related attribute values. It will create an object or shape in the html page like this.
Create Page Loader Animation Using CSS3
And now its time to add the keyframes to our css properties. If you are working in photoshop gif animation then you may know about the key frame. It is a way to define at which time which component is looks a like. For example at the position of 0% we want the background color to be in yellow. After the 50% of animation is complete than background color should change to green.
Here we are add the rotate key frames to the given tags,

Here we assigns the key frame animation to the rotate property and the border color property. It’ll be changed when it is in 0% and also in 100%, in case if we want to change the property at any of the middle position like at 60% we can separately mention that too.
After complete the color codes and styling the elements then add the following snippet after the open body tag.

Here we use the marquee tag to roll the circle from left to right which gives us an effect like rolling from left to right.
Style 2: Create another page loader style
Consider the following CSS snippet for another page loader animation,

And now in the body tag add the following html tags for call the css the properties.

Create Page Loader Animation Using CSS3
Now check the result and it’ll animate the loader and we have Create Page Loader Animation Using CSS3. We hope this lesson will helps you lot to know about key frames and also the page loader making. In the future lessons we’ll learn a lot more about css3 and its properties.

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