Best 7 Popups Wordpress Plugins

Best 7 Popups WordPress Plugins


Best 7 Popups WordPress Plugins

Today emerging and competitive Internet world we have to do something to stand among the crowd. We are indeed to attract and hold the visitors as long as possible. One of the challenging task in SEO is make the visitors as repeated customers. Here at Best 7 Popups WordPress Plugins we are gonna list down the most popular Popup Plugins which are leads the visitors to make subscribe our site.
Here we are gonna list the famous paid and free Popups Lead generation WordPress plugins which are helps us to get the visitors contacts through the popup contact forms.
Nowadays the UI plays an very important role on websites, softwares and also in plugins. The Best UI gets more attractions more than the best logical plugins or websites. Because the look is more important than the logics behind the things.
But the UI alone doesn’t lead to a successful product. Ok that’s an another vague topic, and now lets begin the awesome popups plugins list.

1. OptinMonster – Best 7 Popups WordPress Plugins

Best 7 Popups WordPress Plugins
If you are a professional blogger then you might heard or try this OptinMonster list building plugin. Most of the biggest blogs are using this plugin to maintain their email subscriber lists. It is more effective and efficient list building plugin.
Even if it is popular and done a great job, but most of the people avoid using it because its high pricing(Almost $29/mo). This is one of the main reason it loses most of the customers.
  • Uses very solid and effective methods to attract the customers.
  • Worth the price of its purchase. Works great on all situations.
  • Has a lot of UI Designed Contact Forms

2. WPSubscribe Pro

Best 7 Popups WordPress Plugins
The OptinMonster has lot of competitive Subscriber listing plugins, because of its high Pricing. WPSubscribe Pro comes next place to this Best 7 Popups WordPress Plugins. It is well-coded and well-delivered Optin. It is costs very low compare to the OptinMonster plugin.
This WPSubscribe Pro is build by MyThemeShop and guarantees the best quality to its customers.
  • Pricing – $25 (For Lifetime)
  • Uses Exit Intent Technology to make the subscribers to subscribe
  • It’s loading speed is amazing and it won’t slow down our website.
  • It has variety of Animations to popup the form
  • It works based on the particular time we have set on the settings panel.

3. ConvertPlug – Best 7 Popups WordPress Plugins

Best 7 Popups WordPress Plugins
The ConvertPlug is an another popular and very recent Optin Plugin used in wordpress sites. It has the large collections of positions to display the popup according to the intent of the popup or opt-in form.
Like many others lets you create infobars, modal popups, widget boxes, slide-in popups, inline forms and more.
This plugin also having almost all the options like our previous plugins. So it is also has huge fans community. So far this is popular for its pricing.
  • Pricing – $21 (Onetime Cost)
  • It has more than 700+ fonts from Google fonts for choose and match with our wordpress themes.
  • It uses advanced triggers that helps us to target the visitors at prefect timing.
  • It can automatically syncs with our contact form 7, and wp registration form, wp comment form for getting the list of customers to its control.
  • It has an option called Device Detection that helps us to detect the devices and choose particular template on its own.
  • It has large collection of premade templates and layouts that will gives us a handful of options to choose a perfect form to our blog or site.

4. IceGram

Best 7 Popups WordPress Plugins
The IceGram is an another popular list building plugin which is costs free and also more effective too. This IceGram also has a lot of fans and bloggers support, because of its simplicity. It has its own style of templates and layouts which can attract the visitors at the right time.
And this is has the lots of premade UI templates for Contact forms and Popups and etc.
  • Pricing – Free Trial(Try it for Free)
  • Lots of layouts and templates
  • High quality build and solid customer listing technologies
  • More responsive for all kind of devices like mobile and tablet.
  • Best ever Customer Supports.

5. Thrive Leads – Best 7 Popups WordPress Plugins

Best 7 Popups WordPress Plugins
The first specialty is the Thrive Leads comes with an Drag and Drop Builder. And like our previous plugins this is also comes with a lots of Premade templates and layouts that minimize our works.
When we focus mostly on conversions split testing then this thrive leads will be an most efficient ways.
  • Easy, advanced and ultimate targeting.
  • A/B Testing
  • Smart Analytics
  • Highly responsive
  • Clean Code

6. Ninja Popups

Best 7 Popups WordPress Plugins
The Ninja Popups, is an another leading popups opt-in plugin. It has a huge variety of ultimate themes that would boost up your conversion rate.
This Ninja Popups costs $20 for lifetime and really worths the money.
  • Lock your content with Popup Locker
  • 100% Responsive – Works superb on all devices
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Huge variety of layouts
  • Track hits and clicks
  • A/B testing – Check efficiency of your popups

7. Bloom Optin Plugin

Best 7 Popups WordPress Plugins
Bloom is an ultimate optin plugin by Elegant themes with more than 100+ templates to make your popup flaunt AWESOMENESS. Bloom has 6 types of optins –
1. Automatic Optin Popups
2. Automatic Optin-Flyins
3. Incline Optin Forms
4. Below Content Optin Forms
5. Widget Area Optins
6. Optin Content Locker
  • Time Delay Option
  • Unlimited color options
  • Target specific posts or categories
  • Boost conversions with A/B Split testing
  • Retina Ready popup- 100% responsive optin.
We hope the list will gives you an idea about which opt-in plugin will suits your needs and difference between variety of popular opt-in plugins among the tons and tons of plugins in wordpress repository.
We hope this Best 7 Popups WordPress Plugins article will gives you an idea about the popups plugins. We will come with some other better topics in our upcoming lessons.
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