Top 10 Best Wordpress Theme Providers

Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers


Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers

In this article Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers we are gonna list the best 10 wordpress theme developers. This list is based on the themes they create, the power and capabilities of the themes. There are lots of premium class themes with tons of options.
So here we consider the main facts and features based on the themes. Lets jump into the listing and explore the world popular WordPress theme providers.
However, searching for WordPress themes on Google is not the best solution, and this is where premium theme providers come into play.
Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers

Why Use a Premium Theme?

From Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers first of all we do need our blog or a business site looks to be very unique. There is lots of free and default wordpress themes. But we have to spend some time for choose our blog design with the capabilities we need. We go for premium theme because we need to have handful of options and functionalities in our theme.

The Big Names

Before talking about the major theme providers, let us first get a bird’s eye view of each, shall we?

1. WooThemes

Most of us should know the most famous wordpress ECommerce plugin WooCommerce. From the developers of WooCommerce are the proprietors of WooThemes. They built few years back themes for CMSs such as Express Engines. And after the WordPress entry to the CMS market they mostly concentrate on WordPress.
Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers
As of now, there are almost 84 themes in their collection, and the number increases nearly every month. Out of the entire catalog, 16 themes are free. The themes cater to a wide genre of websites, such as portfolio, corporate, magazine and even tumblogs.
They provide themes from the price of $70 and also provides 30-days money back guarantee. Though if you are opting for WooThemes, a Club Membership makes much more sense and also gives you access to all the themes.
  • Standard Membership: $20 per month ($125 startup fee)
  • Developer Membership: $25 per month ($200 startup fee)

2. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is an another extremely popular wordpress theme providers. Just like WooThemes, Elegant Themes also has a plugins section, though once again, the themes collection outweighs the plugins.
Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers
As of now, the collection stands at 81 themes (none free, by the way), and Elegant Themes claims to have over 176,000 customers.
There is not an option to select just one theme, though you will not really miss that option either — the Club Membership fees is just $39 per year for a Personal License.
  • Personal Membership: $39 per year
  • Developer Membership: $89 per year
  • Lifetime Access: $249 one-time (no annual fee)

3. Athemes

Athemes is an WordPress theme providers which has wonderful collection of themes. It has both the free and premium themes on every themes. It has a collection of 40 themes and all of them are most beautiful and elegant.
Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers
  • Single Licence: $49 Per Theme
  • Developer Licence: $199 For LIfetime Access

4. StudioPress

StudioPress is well known for its Genesis Framework. In fact, StudioPress offers both free and premium themes, though you will need to purchase the Genesis Framework for the free child themes as well.
Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers
StudioPress collection is very huge and all are build based on the Genesis frameworks. These themes are maintained by community of technicians. The Genesis Framework is well known for its customization tweaks, and Studio Press collection of themes will not disappoint you either.
The Genesis Framework itself costs $59.95, and if you intend to buy a single theme from the collection, you can get the theme, plus the framework, for around $70 to $80. There is only one Club Membership model, named Pro Plus.
  • Pro-Plus All Theme Package: $349.95 (does not include community-made themes)


WPZOOM has a slightly smaller collection of themes as compared to the likes of WooThemes or Elegant Themes. As of now, WPZOOM offers over 40 themes (including some free ones).
Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers
Their pricing scheme is one of the most clearly defined out there: you can opt for a single theme, which will cost you $69 per theme, including a bonus theme, (or $149 for the Developer version, including PSD and 2 bonus themes). The Club Membership models are as follows:
  • Standard Membership: $9 per month ($199 signup fees)
  • Developer Membership: $19 per month ($299 signup fees)

6. Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press creates WordPress themes and eCommerce plugins especially meant for photographers and creative artists. Currently, GPP offers nearly 40 themes (including some good free ones, such as MixFolio).
Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers
The pricing is rather simple: you can either purchase a single theme for $75 (with one year of support and tutorial access). Alternatively, you can go for the Club Memberships (all themes and plugins plus video tutorials), which are as follows:
  • Annual Plan: $125 per year
  • Forever Plan: $299 one-time

7. Organic Themes

The sixth theme provider on our list, Organic Themes, currently has over 47,000 customers. Obviously, it is a well known name, which is perhaps most famous for its Structure theme.
Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers
In this Organic Themes it has very complex pricing details. It is very confused for purchase a product and checkout.
  • Developer Pack: $249

8. Obox Design

In the list of Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers just like the other providers it also provides the WordPress themes and Plugins. Interestingly, a good section of Obox’s themes caters especially to video bloggers.
Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers
  • Club Membership: $140 for entire collection ($15 recurring per month)

9. ColorLabs & Company

ColorLabs has various themes catering to a wide spectrum of niches, such as eCommerce, real estate, classifieds, job listing sites and even social networks. Beyond that, ColorLabs also offers free themes and plugins.
Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers
The pricing for individual themes varies, with framework themes costing $69 whereas standard themes can be priced either $49 or $59. There are three club memberships available: Enterprise Bundle for 13+ eCommerce themes, Mega Bundle for 29+ multipurpose themes, and Framework Bundle for 10+ backbone and child themes.
  • Enterprise Bundle: $79 (renewal: $59 per year)
  • Mega Bundle: $99 (renewal: $79 per year)
  • Framework Bundle: $89 (renewal: $69 per year)

10. Theme Furnace

Owned by Kooc Media Ltd, Theme Furnace is a relatively newer player in the premium theme providers’ market.
Considering the fact that Theme Furnace is not as old as others in this list, the number of themes in the collection is slightly fewer. There are around 10 themes as of now, including a couple for free ones.
Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers
  • Developer Club Membership: $99 per year
The above all are the most known WordPress theme providers and gives an beautiful and clean coded plugins.
We hope these Top 10 Best WordPress Theme Providers list will provides you some idea about where to purchase our themes. We will comes up with some other listings in the upcoming articles.
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